Tuesday, August 17, 2010


the happiest place on earth, eh?

the second day we were there (SATURDAY THE 14TH!), lots of things happened.

1. rode space mountain for like 2 minutes before they turned the lights on and stopped the ride. stuck there for like 10 mins before we were escorted out.

2. decided to use the free passes they gave us from space mountain on splash mountain. we get there. it's broked.

3. decided to walk next door to the winnie the pooh ride. also broked.

4. rode california screamin'. 20 minutes after getting off, i see the coaster stuck on the lift hill.

5. rode soarin' over california. sat in the seat for a minute before they told us it was also broked. went to the other theater and rode it.

6. took a crap in the fantasyland bathroom.

oh, so exciting vacation, i must say, despite all the aforementioned crap(s).

if you would like to see my documentation of the trip, it'll be on vimeo in the following weeks (after i edit all the footage). the first episode is already up!

The Adventures of Joey & Chie - Episode 1: Quest for Carl's from Joey Yee on Vimeo.

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