Wednesday, August 11, 2010


welp, it's finally done.

since the embedding thingy doesn't seem to be working too well, i guess you're gonna have to click here for my page instead.

watch, comment, critique, totally rip apart... just leave something!


  1. Hey this video is amazing! I'm the director of The Ringbox in the Interpretations contest. The cinematography was beautiful and creative, and the story was funny.

    The ending felt just a little bit lacking though. I'm not sure why, so you can probably disregard that critique. Also, I would have loved more of a response from the girl after the first guy goes in for the kiss. She just seemed to stare blankly with no reaction.

    I'll definitely be following your work! I can see that you'll do pretty successfully. Good luck in the contest!

  2. oh, hey jon! i say any critique is helpful to me, so no harm in you sharing you opinion.

    and good luck to you too on the contest! i hope thing thing ends up turning some heads. a little (or a lot of) exposure never hurt.

  3. yours is my favorite so far.
    great job!