Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i am still not dead

Once again, I am still alive.

Working nights does funny things to you. For example, it compelled me to buy my first tube of lip balm in almost five years (or was that the weather that did that?). It also pushed me to start my own YouTube channel with Chie (aka usagihop & tinysnail).

YOUTUBE? You ain't no Smosh! No Fred! No Wong Fu!

For the love of god, the last thing I want to do is stoop to the level of YouTube humor just for the sake of views/recognition/wads of cash. The MAIN reason why I decided to start up a channel was to stay sharp. I have literally edited maybe two videos in the past nine months or so, and I feel like working at this sleep clinic has really hampered my drive to actually CREATE something. (I guess that's the downside of spending all my waking hours during the nighttime)

For the most part, I'm intending the channel to have simple videos (ones that I could shoot and edit in the couple days I have off from work) that Chie and I could shoot on our own. Yes, the whole "being-in-front-of-and-behind-the-camera-at-the-same-time" dealio that I talked about last year. It's tough, but I prefer it to having a whole huge crew where I order people around and tell them to get me lattes. It's just more... FUN to do it ourselves. It becomes a more personal project, and we can goof around as much as we want without pissing people off.

Am I trying to become the next Freddie Wong? Or MysteryGuitarMan?

Of course not. We have seven subscribers (all of whom are either friends or family), my style is not YouTube friendly, and I have the personality of a brick. But I love to create. I love to have people just WATCH what I've made, and if even a couple people enjoy it, then that's enough incentive to keep making them.

Okay, enough rambling. I've got work to do. I need to finish up a music video for The Bruises (awesome band my friend is in) and start work on next week's video (did I mention we're trying to do one a week?)

In the meantime I do hope everyone that reads this (both of you!) will check out our channel! It's fun! It's stupid! It's... us.

Here are our first three videos so far (and here's our channel link):

Friday, May 27, 2011

i am not dead

contrary to popular belief, i am still alive and well.

so in the middle of writing the script for my short film, i thought to myself, "hey, wouldn't it be cool to become a sleep technologist?" so i went and did that, and now the script is all but shelved until i can find time to polish up my second draft.


thankfully, i have not forgotten about it, and will probably finish revising the draft during the summer. i hastily spewed out the first draft, so there's really nowhere to go but up. i enjoy keeping my projects' standards to an exorbitantly low level, so i may improve on them at a later time. then people will exclaim how polished the newer product is, increasing my self-esteem by incalculable amounts.

after all, isn't that what art is all about?